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After you have configured your Telephone Adapter, be sure that the VoIP ports are open and pointing to your telephone adapter. This is necessary if you plug your telephone adapter into a network router, you need to direct the voip packets to the proper device.
Follow these Steps:

  • Find Out the Local IP address for your telephone adapter, connect your Sipura unit to your internet router, connect a phone and pick up the handset and dial the following digits:
    you will hear the ip address of the telephone adapter over the phone.
  • Open Your Local Network Router Configuration Page, on the Linksys network router you would enter the following in your internet browser:
    You will need to enter the user name and password you set up when you installed the router,
  • Forward VoIP Ports, Under the Advanced Tab, select "Forwarding" Tab. Assuming the Local IP address of the telephone adapter is forward the following ports to your telephone adapter as follows:

    Click to Enlarge

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